Short stories

Deja vu

I rush to the office to mark my presence in biometric door, I run for five minutes to avoid late comer entry in boss’s excel sheet.  My lungs were frantically starving for the air, I was breathing heavily; after I punched in, I wanted to kill my thirst with cold water, but unable to locate… Continue reading Deja vu

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My 2 days 3-night journey to Haridwar

I am neither a travel agent nor even a mediator, it’s just something which I have discovered own my own and find worth sharing for. Let’s see what I have found. Last week I decided to have a short trip to Hardwar with my friends.  Initially, the plan was to visit unknown hidden destinations in… Continue reading My 2 days 3-night journey to Haridwar

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Oh, I saw you again, yuck fuck duck…

Oh, I saw you again in shopping moll, putting same yellow dresses that I warned you about two years back, this time, it looks more awkward. You don’t have to pretend like you haven’t seen anything. Might be you will escape from my eyes, but your boyfriend (an unstructured king kong) have no place to… Continue reading Oh, I saw you again, yuck fuck duck…

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It’s me, listen

How would I make you believe that I love you, I know it’s not easy to believe in this exponential time when relationship status changed within a night. But sooner or later you will learn that it’s not people who betrayed you, but their insecurity that hampers your feeling. A slight change in feeling cost… Continue reading It’s me, listen

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wHo Am I

I have inculcated a habit of not knowing anything, which makes me absurd, weird, and eccentric among people who don’t know me. It is the safest way to stay away from informal chitchats, from thoughts they are eager to share. In real, they want to validate their opinions from others. Sometimes, I wanted to, but… Continue reading wHo Am I

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Quote of the day

  Sooner or later, when you will walk with your solitude in empty road, you will realize how long you had been travelled with a wrong friend, who was never yours. It was all temporary; the truest friend beside you is your solitude. It’s not you, but your aloneness that brings many relationships of harmony, and… Continue reading Quote of the day

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Once in a while, a pair of pigeon went to the town, to find accommodation for the living. They tried to find a place in a remote area where property rates had not been rushed as much as metro. But what about food and education, children’s future was on stake. Hence, they decided to find… Continue reading Departed

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The Difference Between What I Think and What I Say

The other day when I found, average human brain tides 50,000 thoughts in a day, I took a deep relief that I am not the only one. Homo sapiens  born with these traits and perhaps the numbers of thoughts might be less or more to few personalities, but what the big deal if 50,000 gets… Continue reading The Difference Between What I Think and What I Say