Short stories

Kishan goes to school again.

Kishan goes to school again.

It was a morning of winter, coating of fog around the small village broke since sunray laid out its wings, touching Kishan s face and he turned away other side, few minutes later ray touched his entire body, Kishan left with no option to wake up and shut the window. He listens the voice airing, Kishan! Kishan! Pawan screamed from outside. Kishan s sleepy head now realized he got late for school.

Kishan was  skinny, whitish, long hair boy, living with his uncle since his father passed away due to lung cancer. His uncle takes care of him and his 2 younger sister. His mother was farmeress cum housewife. He was 5-year-old when his family moved from Nepal to the small village in Uttarakhand. His china man nose and cheeky eyes clearly indicated him, A Nepali boy.

Pawan waited till Kishan came up with formal school attire, unbathed pinching his eyes like killing a mosquito.Kishan was sharp at study but his love for nature made him poor on grades. His mastery on climbing the trees, fishing was remarkable. Once he found a puppy near the school, he made a house for him and buy steel chain to tie him.Kishan was living with 2 pair of parrots, 3 hen, 2 goat and now a puppy, who was so dumb, ever since he took him, he never did bhow! bhow!

He missed the school many times as a result one day when he returned from the school, he found a postman carrying a brown letter murmuring to his uncle. As soon as Kishan realised the danger, he was beaten to death by his Uncle. There was a severe pain in his face and elbow, his uncle was a carpenter, thus he knows better how to beat more and hurt less.

Kishan was thrown out from school, he decided to work near the restaurant in the city. Lalaji has decided his pay after friendly discussion with his uncle.Kishan was appraised by several customers, his wittiness and charm made him the right hand of Lalaji. Once a customer offered him a Tip of 10, His refusal made Lalaji proud.

One day when he was serving  an elite customer in the city.A glass of water fell from his hand, which led him angry, he shouted to Kishan, couldn’t you see, you illiterate jerk.Kishan ignored the comments and moved to work. The night was the nightmare for Kishan, he never thought of such amusing remark from someone. He realised the value of education, next morning he went to his uncle to join the school. His uncle initially denied but his eyes and words are so firm, his uncle had no option but to say yes!


Kishan goes to school again.


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