Short stories

The Girl on the Balcony

Once in a while, I wish I could remember the day, the sun was at his peak, it must be 12 in the afternoon. I was shielded over three sides of the heated wall at last floor of my building. The fierce temperature of the earth lead me to the bathroom, I put my head inside the bucket of water till my lungs cry for the last swallow of air. I had shifted to this room with bundles of books and couple of Pen. What else I could have, at sophomore year of my life.My cell phone sang with advertising calls of insurance and telemarketing and I cheerfully picked them hoping, “this is from XYZ consultant for a job”

Its the balcony which allured me to suffer the heatstroke, else garden would be a better place to sleep for. I went to the balcony for the towel, which was hard enough to peel off my face as a result of heat. I tweaked my eyes for the blurred vision of a lady standing next to me. not so far, but far enough to recognise her Cellphone, which was lying idly in her left ear.As soon as I peeked into her, with the help of my towel, she went inside the room. I waited for the moment to see her, but scorching sun rays outlasted my patience.for a while, my eyes sharpened and my hearts eagerness mount up to sky high.

I sensed the beauty in her smile and beast in my intention. All boys have more or less similar thought if he is not gay. The day ended with visualising blurred images of her face and a countless number of thoughts of her age, marital status. What if she is lesbian, also triggered for a while. Next morning at early seven, I went to the balcony to filter my lungs. I suddenly found the lady handling toothbrush mysteriously smiling at me. Any body can earth could sense that she is into me.The day passes with the fond memory of her smile.

Santosh called me at evening to booze a little, A little means a couple of beer, whiskey, smoke and again a beer in dessert. I was drunk at last, cigarette ashes were flicking against my black shirt. I was my way to home, all of sudden I found a girl going upstairs carrying a heavy bag. As soon as I crossed, I asked

Would you like me to help?

She smiled and said, “ no thanks”

I insisted again with decent gesture and picked the load.

She was beautiful, damn beautiful and I got amazed when she went to the same direction of the balcony, I knew, she recognised me. I asked her name eagerly.

She said, do you know me?

I say yes  firmly holding my head, and dropping my eyes.

how do you know me?

I saw you in a balcony.

I have never been into the balcony since last week.

I insisted I saw her on Monday, but she laughed harder this time.

Do you have a sister? I asked.

No !

I am living with my mother and two brothers.

God ! Did you stare at my mother? she smilingly said. I thought she will kill me on this thought.

Your mother responded back also, once at the early morning, I responded to clear her head.

The street ended with corner and she smiled and said, bye.

Next day, when I came out to swallow some oxygen, she was standing with her mother and smiling at me, I could sense the hilarious gestures of friendly mother and daughter.The balcony was too far to recognise both.

I still am scared of the balcony !



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