Short stories

Bloody Monday

On Monday morning I sat on the desk to enter user id and password to unlock my screen of PC, my mailbox just gleamed with the bunch of emails to keep me occupied throughout a day. How the hell I could work with sleepy head and boozy mind. I cruelly looked to my boss, he gives me a bizarre look of amusement, maybe he saw my face and assumed that, you drunkard jerk, you smelled cocktail; I am going to ruin your Monday. What else a teetotaler can do? I wish I could meet him sometimes, out of office at the local bar. I will pour cocktails, mock tails, vodka, whiskey and gin to his mouth and on next day load him with the multiple assignments.

This was the cruel imagination of my hangover, I insist to work on a secand-half, if he can give me rest for first half. Teetotaler again smashed my request with an unusual gesture, the gesture which is unique, when he pinch his eyes frequently and set his oily hairs with the bare hand. I chuckled to Aryan that he is taking cholesterol from his head, he might get head attack soon besides heart attack. I wanted to suggest, “Why don’t you use olive oil to your head?”

Monday had spent reckless. Somehow on tuesday, I distilled my body with water and juices so that  substance of hangover can be managed. But as soon as I checked the pending item on my do list, obnoxiously, the color of my skin fades away. If Monday would have been workaholic, I could sit on the couch on Tuesday, tranquil and non-violent. The outcome of a couple of beer was already cost me two days. It’s still three days to go. I just thought.

Somehow I regain the pace on Thursday and completed all the work on deadlines, I was happy, so do my Boss, He just wanted workaholic assholes around him. So that he can earn more reward from his boss, and could buy more oil for his hair. I was happy for Friday; it was the last day of week. I planned my weekend for movies and some healthy food and good sleep. All of sudden my phone rang, Santa, Kammo, Dinno, Saurav called irresistibly, It was a Kammo’s birthday, can’t be ignored.

Again, I was sitting in the office with sleepy head. It was bloody Monday!



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