Random thougts

My Experience with Beauty…

My vulnerable eyes stand still for that moment, my blood rapidly headed to the heart from visible veins of my hand, my breathing ceased to flow for a minute, I was not choked, but I tried to swallow some air, not intentionally. Somehow I managed to move my leg to clear the dark vision, but the… Continue reading My Experience with Beauty…

Short stories

And She Left….

Manager has placed the seat of Aryan behind the pillar, so that our live instant messaging could be curtailed.Initially I visited to him behind the pillar, pretending to a urgent email or for a water bottle. But manager’s eagle eye catches us many times.  Later, we moved into the virtual messaging, Microsoft Lync saves our… Continue reading And She Left….


Growing religiously….A memoir..

Chapter 2 One rainy day in Uttarakhand India, rain was not so hard to moisture my cloth, but after 10 minutes of walk it could have definitely changed my appearance. I think it was July, more precisely mid of July, I had a cup of tea, made by Nani, she had yet not recovered from… Continue reading Growing religiously….A memoir..


In the name of faith

  I have a foggy idea about my last visit to Hindu temple, If I recall it was last century, when I put off my shoes for prayer.My grandfather was damn punctual,  despite his old age. Since I gained a sense of belongings in this world I saw his regular visit to the temple near… Continue reading In the name of faith