In the name of faith


I have a foggy idea about my last visit to Hindu temple, If I recall it was last century, when I put off my shoes for prayer.My grandfather was damn punctual,  despite his old age. Since I gained a sense of belongings in this world I saw his regular visit to the temple near my village. I still don’t know his religious view, but I respect his punctuality. Grandma was an obsessed fan of Gods and deity, once she saw a dream where Hindu deity had asked her to sacrifice a goat for the family well-being, she made it clear to everyone, that she is gonna die if her dream does not come true.I still doubt about her fantasy.

Finally, a goat was killed in our family, grandmother was damn cheerful for everything which she has imagined turns to reality her eyes loaded with the faith, that now, everything gonna be alright.She likewise said that now I will get decent grades in classes in light of the fact that deity is upbeat at this point. I failed in a mid-exam, from that point forward I lost confidence in God and my grandmother as well.

This was not very long, it was a last century of mid 90.I still see the facebook post of similar ceremonies and custom, there would have been some Grandma, and her child may be doing some religious bull shit to make her mother happy. No one listen what the goat needs to say, I saw her mumbling, trepidation in her eyes, perhaps she predicted that hammer is gonna cut the mass of her life.

Cities also butchered them in the same way, but people have protein intake to be take in their body. And I  see the eyes of goat before she served to the fancy restaurant, she knew already that she is meant to cover vitamins and protein deficiency. Mutton in fancy restaurant and shop is offered to the customer, they swipe their credit and left bones in the table, what the fuck happened with a goat before hardly matters.

I would rather make a point why I wrote this, this is what happened with everyone. If not with everyone but most of them. People are fulfilling their parents’ beliefs, which was damn strong that they even can’t stand face with them. That was a goat story, but you might know the hen story, the bull story, the cow story, this is everywhere. Now days a flower story, since scientifically they are alive, more or less it’s the same thing. Is there any difference in butchering an ant or an elephant? Their physical appearance may differ, but their heart and lives are similar.

I was not born in east, were people were more inclined for the wine and red meat, it’s healthy snacks to keep the momentum for life. To live, to grow, to make healthy living.Jesus permit them to eat beef who the fuck other matter? I am not a PETA guy, there is no NGO behind me, holding my hands to write on animal welfare, I  also am a bone eater, but I would rather not eat the butchered meat for the sake of GOD.

People who fight for the religion are the people who least know about it. Ignorance is a religion, consciousness is humanity, this is as simple as that.I am a simple guy, I expect there would be thousands of people who want to live their life beyond the religion.Life is a precious gift to live, why we make it shorter to fight over religion. Hindu s are known for the ideologies and values, Muslims are known for the purest form of Urdu, Christians are wine lover.what are we fighting for?

Even religion is divided over their own people, Hindus are divided with Brahmin, kshatriya, shudra, similarly Muslims are Shia and Sunni and Christians are catholic and Methodist. families are divided over religion, my sister is vegetarian, I am the bone crusher, as the result, we often get fight,  who is better. There is no end to this discussion, it started with religion, end with animal rights, PETA, protein, egg etc. Still I indulged myself with the unproductive discussion of EGG, is it a veg or nonveg? often ends with fights, abuse and sometime end of the best friendship.

Parents are more than happy to see their children in the temple then to a playground. A kid is still considered good if headed for mandir everyday, doesn’t matter if he missed the school. And they are least bothered about it what’s in his mind. Make him stand to pray with all, if he would have been busy, he would rather look a hot chick then of God, My hands shake themselves and my eyes turned down as soon as I entered, but what about my mind?

Religion is one of the easiest things to follow, the hardest thing to understand, and more harder for interpretation. Fundamentalist will always drill the hole to the pupils heart,  fear of losing the existence of religion, religious isolation are the top manifesto of fundamentalist.

To be continued……..


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