Growing religiously….A memoir..

Chapter 2

One rainy day in Uttarakhand India, rain was not so hard to moisture my cloth, but after 10 minutes of walk it could have definitely changed my appearance. I think it was July, more precisely mid of July, I had a cup of tea, made by Nani, she had yet not recovered from cancer, Doctor had advised her to stay in bed, but who the hell on this earth can tied her feet. I used to say if you will die, you will become monkey, she often laughed hard and said, “ we still are monkey” that is almost true, we all are the monkey, the only difference is that we monkey know how to logged in and logged out in computer, how to make a call and cut it, just a difference of technologies.

She was not damn religious, not that hard what people I had seen all around, but she believed rituals to be followed, I know when I first saw her, when she got discharge from hospitals and had stitches all around her leg, I though she may not able to walk her entire life, next day I found her on kitchen floor, cleaning the house, I often thought why my mother was never afraid of diabetes, the average sugar should  between 100 to 200. Once she had 450, she was hospitalized, Doc asked me, Did she came from elevator or stairs, I said, stairs, “ he amazingly comment, “nobody can walk on stairs at this level of sugar and Keeton” I was about to say, “ go ask my Nani” she is daughter of her, but this doesn’t make any sense to him, so I don’t have any option to keep my mouth shut and trying to converse with Doc with surprising expression, since it was no surprise for me. I had already witnessed lot more than that.

I was living with the tiny family of 4 people including, 2 cows, and their 2 beautiful daughters, one of them was about to give another baby. Nani was passionate to serve them, doesn’t matter if she had fever, headache or dizziness, she make sure to milked them and serve food at morning and evening, animal doesn’t eat pizza or noodles, they still have continental taste, to serve continental was not easy, its cost hard work and sweat, sometime blood too, if anywhere falls from the tree while cutting leaf for them.she has taken this risk many times, the risk also cost her  life, but she lived a life that matter.
to be continue………


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