Short stories

And She Left….

Manager has placed the seat of Aryan behind the pillar, so that our live instant messaging could be curtailed.Initially I visited to him behind the pillar, pretending to a urgent email or for a water bottle. But manager’s eagle eye catches us many times.  Later, we moved into the virtual messaging, Microsoft Lync saves our ass, else two employees of an unknown organisation would have died  the solitary life.

My archive chat history in first day…

Aryan : Hello !

Ramakant: Hi

Aryan: Look who is there?

Ramakant: Who?

Aryan: She.

Ramakant: Looking  hot today, I should talk to her sometime.

Aryan: Hmmm,  I saw her yesterday. Her boyfriend picked him from office.

Ramakant: May be he was a  brother, her late stay in office make him nervous and he came to pick her.

Aryan: Or may be she was having an intense relationship with him, that he can not resist to meet her, and came at 5 am at the office door.

Since she joined the office, our chat history might have crossed multiple GB of storage.We started at morning ended at evening. than one  day she gazed to Aryan.

Aryan: Hi

Ramakant: Hello

Aryan: She was staring at me

Ramakant: Maybe she was staring the person behind you, The shaved head guy, I think she is attracted to clean shaved guy.

Aryan: No, She was looking at my eyes.

Ramakant: It’s just a coincident buddy.

Two friends slightly dwell into the thinking, who she is attracted to? Man do not share these things, but their facial expression can be deadly at that time. Any ameture can guess, What’s going on?

Sooner our instant messaging turned into the condolence message for each other. We both pretended to be a good man, who do not gaze at the woman, expecting that one day she will come by herself, and say who she is attracted to?

Few days passed with uncertainties. Than one day a pop up make a noise, It was Aryan.

Aryan: Do you know, she left the office.

Ramakant: What?

Aryan: Yes, I just came to know.

The minutes of silence blurred in our chat box, then I started typing…

Ramakant: What was her name?

Aryan: I don’t know.

Ramakant: What? I thought you knew.

Aryan: I thought the same.

Ramakant: lollllllllzzzzzzz


Boys are boys..


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