Random thougts

My Experience with Beauty…

My vulnerable eyes stand still for that moment, my blood rapidly headed to the heart from visible veins of my hand, my breathing ceased to flow for a minute, I was not choked, but I tried to swallow some air, not intentionally. Somehow I managed to move my leg to clear the dark vision, but the dark foggy air of winter intervene in-between. All of sudden, my eyes sees the beauty behind the foggy wall. I wish I could hold that moment I saw her, but time flies and my solitary soul was naked. Suddenly, a teenager wanted to be old enough to hold her in his arms. My arms were not that big in real, but who wanted to live in reality. All I wanted to live in fantasy and dreams.

Her momentary vision made me realised why I was a single, a solo boy. The one who neither believed in love or a soul mate in his life, I never believed in stories, cinema or drama. All I trust what my eyes see and what my heart felt.  I had been unknown to that feeling since long, I was amazed by the irresistibility of my urge at the moment I saw her. I thought, if God could give me second chance to meet her, how I am going to talk to her? However, a part of my heart knows that God is never going to listen. My eyes were not hopeful, but my heart believed in a miracle.

I was jostling with the complex thoughts of love, lust, and attraction; it was my initial attempt to understand those feelings. I was happy I found someone and I am not going to meet her again. What I heard from friends and family seems visible to me. The outcome of it and the beauty of it. My mind resisted the idea of love…but I fell in…

To be continued…





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