Short stories

Deja vu

I rushed to the office to mark my presence in biometric door. I must have run for five minutes to reach before 10 am to avoid late entry. My lungs frantically starved for  the fresh air, I was breathing heavily; after I punched in, I wanted to kill my thirst with cold water, but unable to locate a glass, I called security to bring a plastic glass, but before he came, I found a coffee mug above the desk and drink  two cups of cold water, one by one. Every drop of it relaxes me, but suddenly, I was choked and started to cough. I assumed that water might have mixed with the air. all of sudden, I had that déjà vu moment of my Grandma saying, “don’t breath while drinking a water” I hold my breath for a moment to recall that moment.

I went to my desk to turn on the computer, I still had that deja vu moment whirling in my mind, a mirror incident alike dwell into my subconscious “ what was that ?” Is that a chemical response or miracle of astrological science. I recalled some half-remembered stories of deja vu moments from my Grandma; saying that,  sometimes, we do not live in the moments and we do not respect them either; as a result, almighty gives us the second coincidental experience of it . A thought flicked on my mind, what if bad memories evoked by deja vu. I always forecast wrong before right, my body trembles, an unknown fear upset me inside; I just wanted to get rid of that scary feelings.

Finally, I occupied my mind by checking emails, I clicked to the inbox to check new emails, Not a single one appears to unread. I had lightened my mood with a thought, “this miracle happens once in a lifetime in my computer”, else, I always lined up with emails with work plan attached. I refreshed it again and again to ensure proper network connectivity, but still, inbox appeared to be happy; No new email. I hit the browser to open my playlist on YouTube, plug in headphone and played Adele’s “hello”. I loved the song since its release, might be for its tempo, that reduces the noise of colleagues around me, especially, the girl right beside me. She had similar sensation in her voice, but in other way.
The day was passed with the tussle of creepy feelings rather working on complex excels sheets. I employed less time on work, more on engaging myself over songs and funny videos. At the time I logged out, I had succeeded to wipe out those feelings. I punched biometric machine at 10pm sharp and run to catch the auto from Main Street. An icy air struck and sizzled my body and remind me of my winter turbo jacket, that is been named “turbo” after it saves my shoulders and hands from the horrible mishap of winter.
A light twinkles from the distance, it reaches close, and I hurled my hand to stop. Auto was overloaded beyond its limit, but at night, policeman hardly checks, winters meant to shiver everyone including Policeman. I get inside but barely able to sit. I close my fist on an iron road above its tent and unlock my phone to check WhatsApp and Facebook notification. A man next to me tried to adjust his butt in tiny space of narrow seat, he saw me twice with a purpose to vacate some place. I had nowhere to go, except get out of the auto. The song played by the driver cluttering my ear holes. I sniff something unusual, alcohol or something anti-shave lotion. I put my headphone and played Adele “hello”, I adored the silence before she screeches in sensational tone, “hello from the other side……” In between, when song grasps my conscience, I fell down from my seat.

I recognized the harshness of breaks pushed by the driver and correlate this episode with a smell of alcohol which I realized few minute back. I got off from the auto by crowd’s collective voice. I saw the auto is an inch closer to the truck, near its number plate, behind a message “अमीरों की ज़िन्दगी, बिस्कुट और केक पर, ड्राईवर की ज़िन्दगी, क्लच और ब्रेक पर.” . I run towards gathering, my decent tallness allows me few glimpses from above. I saw a wrecked
headlight of the motorcycle, and few crystals of glass on the road, near that, a man laying unconsciously a few feet away from the bike. He strangled his hands on
his head to stop bleeding; he was not dead but not alive either.

I come little closer to see sternness of his wounds, a flashlight from contrary side of road highlight grazes of his face, as I saw, my body shaken from head to toe, I thought it was a deja vu moment, but it was not. I turned another side to strengthen my mind, but I had seen something that summoned up my ordeal. He was wearing the similar turbo jacket and had a scratch on his face that I had few years back in a road accident. I wanted to take him to the hospital, but police van restricted the area.

I still had to go 3 kilometers, I paid the auto and decided to walk. I wished it could have been a deja vu moment, not a real nightmare.


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