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Once in a while, a pair of pigeon went to the town to find accommodation for living. They tried to find a place in a remote area where property rates had not been rushed as much as the urban. But what about food and education, children’s future was on the stake. Hence, they decided to find a place in a metro. As they reached to the city and looked for the different windows of the houses in dense streets, there was not a tiny space where they can fit in. Most of the windows were adjacent to another room. Only an electronic poll muddles with lots of wires was the single place to stand by. And at rainy days, they feared of unexpected electric shocks. The days passed by, and they frantically search for space.

One day when male pigeon felt tedious after a flying lesson to his child, he found a locked door with heavy dust all over it. He hovers to the window to get an inside view of the house and glanced from a tiny hole of the window and saw the chairs, dining, sofa; most of the belongings were covered with the tent. He sensed after seeing the thick wall of dust that it must be vacated since 2 or three years. The pigeon was quite happy to find a place below the teen shelter of a window. He called his wife to have a look for the house, she sensed certain isolation in place but later give her nod to live.

They started living in the window with their son named Kittu. He was very mischievous and sharp. One day he was playing around the house, he found a space in a ceiling fan, he gets inside and searched for the food, he never saw such interior in his life. He liked the place and decided to break the news to his parents. He struggles to get out from the ceiling fan space but he pushes himself harder to create more space so his parents can get inside. He found his parents leisurely resting at the window. He reveals the entire story and pushes them to live inside. A couple was very happy on seeing smartness of their child. And decided to stay in the house.

One day when kitty was thinking about the owner of the house, he asked his father?

Father, where are the people who owned this house?

His father stretched out on the sofa and said,

“Son they must have been living in some urban city of abroad”  like us.


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