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My least expensive 2 days 3-night journey to Haridwar

I am an occasional traveller, most places I have visited in my life by my mind: to be more precise: I day-dream about it, but this time I went to a place and I had a wonderful experience.it’s just something which I find worth sharing for.

Last week I decided to have a short trip to Hardwar with my friends. Initially, the plan was to visit unknown hidden destinations of the holy city. But unfortunately,  the day before a journey, my friend caught up by his boss, who assigned a list of assignments to him. He has no option but to called off the plan. But, before he texted me I already had packed my luggage. I have no option but to go solo. At 8 Am sharp, I left the Delhi for Haridwar.

However, the journey was not meant to be fun, but to discover, so I decided to withdraw  1000 from my ATM and caught the local state bus from the Delhi. The ticket cost me around 250, at the time I reached to the Haridwar I was left with the  700 only, In-between the trip I had a cold drink and chips. As I said earlier the journey was meant to be peace and to discover spiritual revealing inside, I went to few ashrams to stay and finally found the one Shantikunj Ashram in Hardwar-Rishikesh highway. The accommodation was full on the Ashram, but they offered a common hall to live, I just thought of seeing the place. I saw many people were lying and sitting in the hall, the olds, the kids, newlyweds, families: nuclear one and the big one.

I liked the place and decided to stay there for one day. The place where people came to know their self better, and reveal the true spiritual nature. I met people who came from the long distance, to do Seva (service) for the other pupils. I put my baggage in one corner near to a standing fan. Someone guided me towards a room to borrow a cushion and pillow. I paid 5 rental amount for one day. The cushion and pillow was tidy as similar to 3-star hotels in the city. The day followed by the evening tea and snacks, and at 9 PM the Ashram was noiseless and tranquil, all devotees were about to sleep. I asked the guy, why everybody is sleeping so early? He responded, “Because everybody had to wake up at 4 AM”

I usually go to the bed at 4 AM and now I have to wake up at 4 Am, now I was bit worried about my sleep, I was exhausted by the journey, and I needed to at least 5 or 6-hour sleep. Somehow I tried to close my eyes but I was awake and checking my Facebook and what sup till 2 pm. At sharp 4 AM a security personal blow a sharp whistle to wake up. I pretend to sleep, but he insisted me to freshen up and get ready for the Pooja (prayer). one moment I realised that I should go out and book a hotel to sleep, but once security personnel was gone I went to the deep sleep again.

I wake-up at six, freshen-up to attend a prayer, half of the rituals ended, I reached to the mid of the meditation session. For one hour I was out of the world, the place becomes so dynamic and pure that I forget everything and get into the deep rhythm of mantra.

 I was hungry, so directly went to the food joint, I bought breakfast: A glass of milk, Poha, and idli( a south Indian cuisine).  The food was sattvic and natural. It’s been long I had had such food. At mid-day, I went to the city to hang out, the nearby place and famous destination, but I was tired so I get back early to the Ashram.

At evening, as soon as the sun disappeared; the place vibrated with the sound of chants and smell of sandal. I sat there for an hour and read some reference books from Sri Ram Acharya, founder of the Ashram. Inside the Ashram: a book store, a guidance room, and different meditation rooms engaged me throughout a day.

When I came back from the haridwar I was still left with 100, this was my least expensive journey of all time, with a lot of fun.


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