Writing Motivation

What happened to Rusty?

I saw his tiny, naïve face gazing me relentlessly with no urge of food and water. It rarely happens, to see the matter I lied on the floor to see his eyes, and to my wonder, they seem upset and wet. Rusty was terribly lying on the floor spreading his four legs all over the earth’s hemisphere like a human being. His mouth looks more adorable when it touches the floor, every time I see it reminds me of my childhood days when I used to sleep at stomach side putting my jaw on the pillow watching TV all day long.

I thought I am not the first master so he might be expecting some freebies and gift from me, but I am not a stranger. He knows I am a good friend of his master, I have been with him since he was a cute little puppy of hardly four hundred grams, now he is more than four kilo’s and shown his adolescence many times. But what happened to him today?

A highly crank body despaired to exhausted, unresponsive, seems he is fallen in love and betrayed, but he did not. Nobody scolded him either, he had plenty of food and water to eat on the floor. I pinched to stimulate his inner self but he still was in a nirvana. At last, I take out my shoes and went to the washroom to wipe out dust in my face. A thought was continually flicking on my mind about his sadness

when I came out from the bathroom to my surprise he was cuddling my shoes with both his hands and piercing it from his sharp teethes, I saw a hole in my Puma, but instead saying anything I inhaled, everything seems fine now.



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