Writing Motivation


Sonia pushes the main gate and welcome everyone who came across her way to the reception. She looked stunning in her red top and blue denim of white patches at it knees. A gentle smile on her face conveys that she knows everyone and how to deal with everyone. It is her wittiness that people often surrender to her, especially another gender.

She put her bag adjacent to the window and get inside the washroom. The doors were facing each other with a big sign of male and female postures. There was a tiny space between them so if one door opens another has to be close, many times clashes of washroom door bought new informal discussion on the coffee table. Sonia is unaware of it and pushed it harder enough to open and had a head to head encounter with a guy who seems really scared.

The guy got stunned for what happened and walked away after looking at her in a manner like he is real busy now. But Sonia is still standing recollecting the memories of the moment that just scared her hell out of her life, she inhaled with an intent to pretending to be fine, but inside, her heart beat stop for the moment. Surprisingly, the guy was not there, he left and left awkwardness behind. She tussled in her head how insensitive people can be, and walk away to the canteen to grab a sandwich.

Soon she opened her mailbox to unread few unnecessary emails and look around to see plenty of candidates who gathered in reception for the interview, some of them asking the way to the washroom, while, some of them looking for coffee machines. It surprised her in a great extent when a candidate calls her by name and says if she received any post naming Vijay. As soon as she resembled herself for the answer she recalled that he was the same guy who she has been encountered in the morning.

Pretending herself to be the busy receptionist she finally looked at his face and says, she hasn’t received anything. Vijay says, “Ok if you will receive any one of them can you call to my extension”. In reply, Sonia asked, “I don’t know your extension” It’s 900, I think you know it now, Vijay said.

It’s 2 pm and Sonia went for the dinner at the canteen and when she came back rubbing her hand on hands sanitizer. She saw a courier guy standing there with a small package on it, he handed over the package to Sonia that reads, “Mr. Vijay Kumar” She put down the package to her drawer and start answering calls.

At the end of the day, Vijay came out while talking with someone about the package, he was so anxious about the package and yelling over a phone that where did package go. He was talking continuously over the call and scolding the guy on how important it was for him to receive it right now.

Sonia chuckled but keeps herself calm and pretended like she is concern about him, in between when Vijay was talking over a call he takes few glimpse to Sonia but her neutral expression gave her no sign of receiving the package. Eventually, he cut the call and about to leave the office, Sonia calls, “hi” He turned back to see. Here is your package. To his shock, he gazed at her in a manner that she could have said it earlier to reduce his sudden surge of anxiety. She smilingly said with an innocence, that’s what he did in the morning. Vijay humbly smiled and said Sorry for the morning. The way she said, “it’s ok” was enough for him to start a new friendship.


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