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  Sooner or later, when you will walk with your solitude in empty road, you will realise how long you had travelled with a wrong friend, who was never yours. Advertisements

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Once in a while, a pair of pigeon went to the town to find accommodation for living. They tried to find a place in a remote area where property rates had not been rushed as much as the urban. But what about food and education, children’s future was on the stake. Hence, they decided to find… Continue reading Departed

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What I used to Think and What I used to Say: A freshers diary

The other day when I found, average human brain tides around 50,000 thoughts in a day, I took a deep relief that I am not the only one. Homo sapiens were born with these traits and perhaps the numbers of thoughts might be less or more to few personalities, but what the big deal if… Continue reading What I used to Think and What I used to Say: A freshers diary

Short stories

Deja vu

I rushed to the office to mark my presence in biometric door. I must have run for five minutes to reach before 10 am to avoid late entry. My lungs frantically starved for  the fresh air, I was breathing heavily; after I punched in, I wanted to kill my thirst with cold water, but unable… Continue reading Deja vu

Random thougts

My Experience with Beauty…

My vulnerable eyes stand still for that moment, my blood rapidly headed to the heart from visible veins of my hand, my breathing ceased to flow for a minute, I was not choked, but I tried to swallow some air, not intentionally. Somehow I managed to move my leg to clear the dark vision, but the… Continue reading My Experience with Beauty…

Short stories

And She Left….

Manager has placed the seat of Aryan behind the pillar, so that our live instant messaging could be curtailed.Initially I visited to him behind the pillar, pretending to a urgent email or for a water bottle. But manager’s eagle eye catches us many times.  Later, we moved into the virtual messaging, Microsoft Lync saves our… Continue reading And She Left….


Growing religiously….A memoir..

Chapter 2 One rainy day in Uttarakhand India, rain was not so hard to moisture my cloth, but after 10 minutes of walk it could have definitely changed my appearance. I think it was July, more precisely mid of July, I had a cup of tea, made by Nani, she had yet not recovered from… Continue reading Growing religiously….A memoir..